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India’s No.1 Instant Energy, 0 Calories Coffee Shots Recommended By Doctors & Nutritionists!

I have to admit this first, I drink everyday before my workout and when I have to stay at my clinic for long hours. As a doctor, it is important for me to know what I consume and after reading about Bolt and using it - I can safely say that it is one of the best energy drinks with no extra sugar, calories or acidity like other soda based drinks. I recommend Bolt to any one who loves Coffee and wants instant energy.

Geeta Naidu
MBBS, Hyderabad

As a trainer for many actors and models - I know what it takes to have a fit body and a healthy mind. Bolt makes both of these possible with its rich, healthy caffeine content and no sugar. It’s become a habit for many of my clients to gulp a Bolt shot before workouts!

Celeb Nutritionist & Trainer

My startup just got funded! It’s crazy how hard work and perseverance pays… I'm happy that Bolt in the evenings made me do those long hours that made all the difference! We now how a tiny Bolt fridge at our pantry with all those tasty 6 flavours to help us to all-nighters… reminds me of my days at ISB, just that we’re older now and need a caffeine rush to pull us through.

Founder of Arvath Tech, Delhi

India Launch Offer. Get it for just INR 249/- (INR 42 per bottle). *Valid till stocks last
0 Calories per bottle… guilt-free pleasures can’t get any better!
No added sugar versus heaps of it in artificial energy drinks and has the same amount of caffeine to help you win the day.
Bolt shots come in 7 Flavours… some of which are probably being produced for the first time in the world - like the Coffee Toffee shots that are making the old school coffee pros go crazzzyy!
With 85 mg of natural, plant-derived caffeine in every bottle, you don't have to look any further.
In more ways than one. Bolt Shot come in a spill-proof container that fits into a pocket and actually costs less than a cup of regular coffee…
It’s just real good coffee in still water and that’s it. No gas or the sick burps that one gets after having a can of carbonated energy drink.
India Launch Offer. Get it for just INR 249/- (INR 42 per bottle). *Valid till stocks last

So what exactly is a flavoured coffee shot?

Coffee shots or pure-black freshly brewed espressos have been a way of life in the West; whether it was to just get through a long and challenging day at work or as a 0 calorie energy shot before hitting the gym or even to just enjoy a good, small shot of caffeine at any time... because why not??

And eventually, like with every kind of a good high that makes life easy… the coffee loving pros started experimenting with their shots. Some had it Gin, while others with ice and a dash of lime and then a million other variations later… Flavoured coffee shots are a RAGE all over.

And we thought why can’t coffee lovers like us in India, enjoy a shot of super smooth, freshly-brewed and handy shots of flavoured coffee? And tada! That’s really how our widely-loved range of Bolt RX+ cold brewed coffees in a nice heavy bottles evolved into these cute little tiny flavoured shots of pure caffeine bliss!

India Launch Offer. Get it for just INR 249/- (INR 42 per bottle). *Valid till stocks last

And just so you know… this is how the Bolt Flavoured Shots slay the natural energy Vs. calories intake Vs. artificial ingredients Vs. acidity game:

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