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Why Coffee Is A Great Addition To Any Weight Loss Program

Ever wondered what the ideal weight loss drink looks like? Here’s my take: filling, energizing, and not heavy on calories. Sounds familiar? Well, coffee is all of that and some more!

Yep, that is right.

Coffee should be your go-to beverage when you’re looking to get rid of those annoying extra inches from your waist line. Why? Well, coffee keeps your appetite down to a huge extent and helps you control the number of calories you take in. Moreover, it’s basically an instant energy shot and gets you up and active in no time! It also helps you think clearer and quicker. And guess what, a bottle of cold brew, if that’s the drink of your choice, should not be costing you anything more than 5 calories! Still not convinced? Okay, then! Read on, read on.


Coffee AKA the Cravings Killer

We have all had those days where our cravings got the better of us. This is mainly because we don’t listen to ourselves well enough, probably because of work or studies or whatever else is keeping us busy.

As a result, our hunger builds up inside us and gets us to start craving for food. This is how we end up overeating because we misjudge the amount and type of food we need.

This is where coffee steps in. Coffee brings about thermogenesis, which is the process of producing heat within the body from your energy stores. This means that it not only asks your cravings to calm down but also gets your body to make heat and energy from those useless calories lingering around.

Friendly tip: And if cold brewed black coffees excite you just as much as they excite us, perfection would look something like this. Cold brews come with all of the usual coffee goodness minus the acidity, making them way more effective than the conventional hot brew.

No more seconds!

Portion control is something super hard to figure out because there’s no rulebook out there telling you what the right-sized helpings of food are. But, with coffee, your body will be able to figure it out on its own, allowing you to watch your portions through a meal and cut back on those extra servings. This, on the whole, has the effect of reducing the amount of food you consume, making sure you don’t go beyond the number of calories your body actually requires. 

For instance, where you normally would have asked for a second helping (my career high as a glutton is a fifth helping), the coffee in your system brings your appetite down to your usual levels. This helps your body understand that just the first serving is enough as far as filling your tummy up is concerned. This, in turn, cuts down on the total amount of food you eat during the course of the meal, making sure you never overeat! Pretty simple, isn’t it?


Coffee makes working out easier!

According to a study published by Clute Institute Journals, coffee gives your athletic performance a major boost, helping you train harder and longer. When consumed before a workout, coffee convinces your body to get its energy from the fat cells rather than from its carb stores, giving you an instant burst of energy while burning down your fat!

Moreover, according to this University of Illinois experiment, coffee also helps in reducing your post-workout muscle soreness. This helps people look at their exercise routines in a more positive light since whatever discomfort they may have had after working out no longer bothers them all that much.

By now, it is also an open secret that coffee greatly sharpens your mental focus. This keeps you on track during the workout and less prone to any sort of mental distractions.  


Cold brewed coffee is the dieter’s dream drink

It really is. Really

A major benefit with cold brews is that it is super easy on your stomach. This is because unlike regular coffee, which comes from roasting beans at high temperatures, cold brews rely on getting the flavor out by soaking the coffee ground in cold water for several hours. This ensures that the resulting coffee is not only smoother and lighter but also almost completely devoid of any sort of acidity. 

This basically means that cold brews can be relied on for their instant energy as well as their appetite control skills at any time of the day without giving Mr. Stomach down there any cause for complaint. 

The flavor is also less harsh and more smooth, giving you no reason to add sugar to the drink. This means that you can save on a truckload of calories (since there’s no sugar) while not compromising on the taste at all! Cold brew also has more caffeine than the same quantity of hot brew, giving you double the benefits for half the calories!

Close your eyes and think for a second. Weight loss is not exactly rocket science. Essentially, it all boils down to counting your calories. The simplest way to do that is portion control. But controlling your portions during a meal is tough, especially if you’re hungry. Therefore, have a cup of coffee before a meal, and your appetite will come back to normal levels, helping you eat only what your body needs. 

Also, if you choose to take us up on our word and give cold brewed coffee a try, head over to this place for a glance at who we are and what we do. We bring the best of India’s coffee goodness together in a bottle of flavourful cold-pressed black coffee, that goes hard on shooting up your energy levels and super easy on your tummy. Oh, and it’s also pretty delicious!

In case you have any additional weight loss tips that you follow personally and wouldn’t mind recommending to others out there, do stop by for a second below and leave a comment!

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